At TRES, our knowledgeable sofa tailors to help you choose the best sofa for your needs. We will help you choose the best sofa for your needs.


Purchase Flow

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  2. step2Meeting
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personal experience

We recommend that you first visit our stores and actually sit down.
Please experience the "impressive seating comfort" that TRES is proud of.
About 20 sofas are always on display at the Aoyama store, and about 30 sofas each at the Kanazawa and Kyoto stores.



Our sofa tailors will carefully listen to your preferences.
If you bring us a drawing of your home or room, we can suggest the best sofa size for you in more detail at
We also offer "Easy Order", which is a customization based on a standard model, and "Full Order", which is a customization from
design to your desired sofa.



Please fill out the order form.
Please note that we do not accept cancellations after an order has been placed.


delivery of goods

Standard model sofas take approximately 3 weeks after ordering,
tables and chairs take approximately 1 month, and special order items take approximately 1.5 months.
*Please note that it may take longer than the above depending on the production status.


carrying in

We will be responsible for carrying in the equipment until installation.
Customers are requested to check the delivery route in advance and consult
if the sofa will not fit in the elevator or if the hallway is too narrow.
We can also assemble the sofa on site after it has been delivered in sections.
*As a separately charged option, we can ask the delivery company to check the delivery route.
Please contact us if you wish to do so.



If you have any problems, please contact us via our contact form or by phone.
In addition, the sofa cover can be easily replaced by the customer himself/herself.
If this is difficult, please contact us.

TRES Full Order System

TRES offers a full custom order service where all specifications, including design, size, and seating comfort, are made to
your specifications.

Ideal sofas that can be realized through design

After listening to your desired image, budget, space and layout of the place where you would like to install the sofa
, a sofa specialist designer will draw up a design.
From there, further meetings will be held to create the one and only
ideal sofa in the world.

Wide range of sizes to choose from in all models

We have a total of 30 models in a wide variety of sizes.

We also have many compact size sofas for those who are worried that they don't have enough space for a sofa.
Please feel free to consult with us.

Achieve your preferred seating comfort

By adjusting the amount of urethane and feathers in the seat and back cushions,
we can produce sofas with the firmness you prefer.
It is also possible to order a combination of the specifications of
standard models, such as "sofa GRVA" for design and "sofa J" for seating comfort.

Luxury Italian fabrics in 160 varieties and 600 colors

The face of TRES sofas is the high-end fabrics imported directly from Italy.
TRES boasts the largest selection in the industry, with approximately 160 types and 600 colors of high-quality fabrics made from a high ratio of natural materials such as cotton, linen, and wool.
Find your favorite piece from our diverse lineup.

Reflects attention to detail in even the smallest parts


You can also choose from a variety of detail parts such as legs and wood frames.
Legs are available in a variety of materials, including duralumin, polished stainless steel, and solid wood.
Wood frames are available in three different solid woods (walnut, black cherry, and white oak).

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