Making Process of "TRES"Sofa
TRES THE SOFA TAILORのソファづくりを工程別に映像化しました。

JAPANESE QUALITYThe Quest to Build a World-Class Sofa Brand

Above all else, we are motivated by one thing: building Japan’s finest sofas, on par with world-famous luxury brands. TRES’s parent company, T’s Mobile, was founded seventeen years ago; since then, we have developed and polished our many techniques while serving as an OEM supplier for lifestyle shops mainly in the greater Tokyo area, delivering some 30,000 sofas to customers nationwide. We handle every step from planning and design through production in-house. At TRES, all of our sofa designs are handled by a specialist with plenty of experience, as well as knowledge and skills acquired through his work in Italy. Our focus on top-quality materials extends deep inside, even to parts you’ll never see, and we pride ourselves on setting a high watermark for design, comfort, and durability among Japanese sofas.

COMFORTSofas with Life-Changing Comfort

The moment you sit on a TRES sofa, you’ll experience a sense of relaxation like never before. In order to achieve this, we use the finest fill materials, sparing no expense when it comes to creating the most comfortable cushions possible. We use multiple layers of urethane foam with different densities to perfectly cushion and envelop you when you sit down, for comfort that never wavers, lasting until the moment you stand up. For our feather fillings, we use Hungarian white goose down — the same type used in luxury down duvets — for an exquisitely soft first impression. All of these details come together to create a sense of comfort that gets out of the way, and lets you focus on relaxing and enjoying time spent with the people who matter most.

CRAFTING A MASTERPIECEBuilding Each Sofa in Pursuit of the Highest Quality

We take a keen eye to pieces of solid natural wood, looking for just the right one — only then can the process of building one of our sofas begin. Sofas are the only piece of furniture that routinely support the entire body weight of multiple people, making durability a top priority. As a result, we use exceptionally strong natural hardwood for the frames of our sofas, to ensure the strength they will need. Likewise, we carefully select the materials for each and every other part, as well. Our expert artisans employ their well-polished skills at each step along the way, until, at last, they have produced a sofa built in pursuit of the highest quality. Even once a sofa is complete, our focus on customer satisfaction continues with delivery and maintenance, with thorough before- and after-sales service, so that each of our customers is able to enjoy a premium sofa designed and built to last a lifetime.

The Production Process

The FrameCarpentry and Construction

We start with raw natural lumber from mountains and forests. Our frames are made from the same type of natural solid wood that would ordinarily be used for tabletops or structural components deliberately left visible, building a premium sofa experience from the inside out. We carefully work with the unique natural shape of this solid wood, previously untouched by human hands. This precise, detailed carpentry work results in a remarkably strong structure.


The Webbing TapeWeaving

We carefully calculate the spacing and tension for the webbing tape weave
based on each sofa’s size, design, and intended feel, perfectly tailoring each weave
for that specific sofa. We use the highest-quality Italian webbing tape,
building a tight weave that serves as a sturdy base,
ready to support dense, heavy urethane foam cushions.

The Urethane FoamCutting and Attaching

We cut urethane foam to size to perfectly fit the seat, backrest, armrests, and other parts. Soft urethane foam can be difficult to work with, so we carefully yet quickly attach each piece to the completed base by hand. TRES sofas are made with high-density urethane foam, making them exceptionally durable for years and years of comfort.


The FabricCutting and Sewing

We use premium fabrics imported directly from Italy,
cut precisely to match the patterns created by specialists.
Depending on the type of fabric, we either use an automatic cutting machine
or cut the fabric by hand. We treat the edges of each piece of cut fabric
to prevent fraying, then our experienced artisans sew the pieces of fabric
together into one complete whole. Following this, we add stitching and piping,
and sew zipper openings and other areas to provide extra reinforcement.

The Finishing TouchCovering

The final step is covering: the fabric cover is placed over the urethane foam padding
that has been attached to the frame. At last, the sofa is complete. It isn’t quite ready to ship,
though: each completed sofa goes through a thorough quality inspection
before being carefully packed.
Only then is a TRES sofa ready to be delivered to the customer.

Maintenance & After-Sales Service

Our Part Replacements, Service, and Warranty Help Customers Enjoy Their Sofas for Years.

Every TRES sofa is built to delight customers for a lifetime.
For that reason, our warranty isn't limited to some certain number of years — our warranty lasts until the customer is fully satisfied.
To date, we have delivered some 30,000 sofas, and we have received exactly zero reports of frame damage.
We have the utmost confidence in the quality of our products, but if you ever have any issues or problems, we welcome you to contact us at any time.
(Note: Fees may apply for certain types of maintenance and after-sales service.)

-If you notice your sofa starting to age and wear,
feel free to contact a member of our staff.

  • Cushion Urethane Foam Replacement
  • Cushion Feather Refluffing
  • Cushion Cover Replacement
  • Full Sofa Cover Replacement*
  • Comfort Adjustment
*TRES sofas are designed to readily allow customers to replace the covers themselves,
making it easy to change your sofa cover to match the seasons, or simply for a change of pace.


Takumi Michihata

Born in Ishikawa in 1963.
Graduated from the Department of Science of Design at the Musashino Art University’s College of Art and Design in 1986.
After graduation, Michihata was initially employed by the design department of a major furniture maker,
after which he went on to be involved in the architectural design of on-site facilities at an American military base in Japan.
In 1992, he returned to his home prefecture of Ishikawa, joining a local furniture maker as the manager of their planning and development department.
That same year, he spent time living in Italy, studying interior design.
During his time there, he was involved in the launches of original brands,
as well as licensing negotiations with premium Italian sofa makers.
In 2000, he went independent, and founded T’s Mobile along with its representative, Takefumi Koshimura.
He has served as a designer specializing in sofas ever since, taking charge of every design produced under the company’s own brand.