The Meaning of


The name TRES comes from the Latin word for “three.” Indeed,
three is a very significant number for us.

〈 Our Three Guiding Principles 〉
The TRES brand is built upon three guiding principles that are vital for every sofa we make.

  • Beauty
  • Comfort
  • Quality

〈 Our Three Keywords 〉
We build our brand and offer service with
a constant focus on three main keywords.

  • Transcendence
  • Truth
  • Trust

〈 Our Three Core Elements 〉
These three elements are each crucial to us — we are nothing without all three.

  • Our Brand
  • Our Sofas
  • Our Customers


「Building a World-Class Brand by Building Japan’s Finest Sofas」

During his days working at a major furniture manufacturer,
our founder came in contact with the refined sofas made by premium Italian brands — the likes of which Japanese sofas
paled in comparison to at the time — and resolved to establish a world-class brand by offering Japan’s finest sofas.
July of 2000 saw the first step toward that dream, with the establishment of T’s Mobile, a company specializing in making sofas.

Since our founding, T’s Mobile has served primarily as an OEM supplier
for lifestyle shops in the greater Tokyo area and beyond, and to date has shipped some 30,000 sofas to customers nationwide.

In Japan, sofas still tend to be thought of as luxury items.
We believe, though, that sofas are a necessity among furniture, indispensable as a place to enjoy time spent together with friends and family.
By offering our high-quality products, we hope to increase sofas’ perceived value in the eyes of people nationwide,
helping to create more opportunities for happy times with those who matter most.
From our first day on through today, we have always held these same motivations as we work tirelessly to produce truly exceptional sofas.

In November of 2017, we introduced our new brand: TRES, the Sofa Tailor.
Using the skills and know-how we’ve developed in the seventeen years since our founding as T’s Mobile,
we are proud to offer products that deliver the authenticity that today’s consumers demand.